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However all treatments pointed in the same direction.

Traditional medicine offers no successful treatment for this type of cancer.

Less percent with less radical surgery, or extension of life for a short period of time with radiation, only.

She chose radiation, keeping her face in tact & began the IAT treatment in September of 1979. Burton & the Clinic on Carleton Fredricks radio program on WOR, NY.

Five years later I never felt better and am looking forward to a full remission.

I am 74 years old and cancer does not scare me any more.

Joan was diagnosed in April, 1979, after her salivary gland was excised.

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After in depth research, I chose to decline radiation and instead boost my immune system.

A week later my husband brought me from England, traveling in a wheelchair, to the Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas.

Within a few weeks of the treatment I was much stronger, swimming in the sea and going for long walks on the beach.

I tried six months of chemotherapy however my body could not withstand the toxicity of the chemo drugs.

Just as I was giving up hope I was introduced to a local gentleman who eight years prior received treatment through the IAT centre and is cancer free today.

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