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44-50), Deok-hui Choi (Korean), Tracey Moore (eps 1-11, 15, 21), Terri Hawkes (eps 12-14, 16-20, 22-89, and movies) (Di C), Linda Ballantyne (Cloverway), Stephanie Sheh (Viz) (English), Patricia Acevedo (Latin American Spanish), Cecilia Santiago, Adelaida Lopez and Marta Sinz (European Spanish), Elisabetta Spinelli (Italian, Mediaset dub), Federica De Bortoli (Italian, Shin Vision dub), Sabine Bohlmann (German, Classic), Inez Günther (German, R - Stars and movies), Marli Bortoletto (Brazilian Portuguese, Classic), Daniella Piquet (Brazilian Portuguese, R - Stars), Fernanda Figueiredo (European Portuguese), Marlies Somers (Dutch), Annelie Berg (Swedish) Portrayed in The main protagonist of the series.Usagi is an ordinary junior high school student who discovers one day, thanks to the appearance of her Mentor Mascot Luna, that she is a warrior destined to protect Earth from the evils that threaten to destroy it.Although she's timid and tends to obsess over her grades, she's a loyal friend and a worthy addition to the team.

It is also recommended that you show a video with just the GTS sighting, but if that is not available, alternatives such as full episodes or screencaps will suffice after review.

She served as the leader of the Inner Guardians during the Silver Millennium and currently continues in that role, second only to Sailor Moon.

Her ditziness and wacky antics belie an incredibly strong and capable Heartbroken Badass.

When not fighting evil, she enjoys playing sports, playing the piano, driving her Cool Car, and generally wowing everyone else in the cast.) (Japanese), Barbara Radecki (Cloverway), Lauren Landa (Viz) (English), Irma Carmona (Latin American Spanish), Márcia Regina (Brazilian Portuguese), Olga Lima (European Portuguese) Portrayed in the musicals by: Kaoru Ukawa, Chikage Tomita, Miyuki Sena (Miyuki Fuji), Yūko Harada (Yūko Tahara), Sara Shimada, Yūka Asami, Tomoko Inami, Takayo Ohyama, Sayaka Fujioka Uranus' classically refined partner, a talented violinist and swimmer.

Her poise and elegance coupled with her surprisingly friendly demeanor make her an immediate inspiration to the Inners.

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    She is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentration in drama.