Question to ask a girl while dating 100 hottest adult wapsites

Alternatively, you could write 20 messages (that include things you like about her or about how you feel about her) and put them all into fortune cookies and have them in a small basket on your table which she can open one by one and feel special by the minute.After she’s done with all the cookies, you could give her the last one with the question.Alternatively, if you know someone who works at the theatre, that’ll work too. Spend quality time with her from the morning, throughout the day.

If your girlfriend is the kind that will pick up a fortune cookie eagerly, you should definitely do this. You should have already arranged with the manager or an employee at the restaurant to put your message into a fortune cookie and have it given to your girl when you walk into the restaurant or when you get the check.If you are that kind of a guy, go ahead and get this customised T-Shirt with your message.Wear a jacket over it and when you are ready to ask her, remove the jacket.Get your girl to your roof and light up your message when she least expects it and she’ll be awed by how beautiful it looks and she’ll definitely say “Yes”.If you are even a slight bit of an artist, make a flip book and ask her in the last page.

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