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"She was googling mickie james and john cena dating. Doane attributes James' WWE success during her relationship with Cena to the wrestling megstar.

The two remained 'friends' as late as May 2009, two months before Cena married his high school sweetheart, Liz Huberdeau.

"Now I'm set with what I'm doing and don't care if I get banned." He adds, "I'm ruining any chance of a WWE return by doing this I'm sure.

James strikes Emma in the midsection as we return from the commercial break.They remained close friends after the relationship ended right up until Cena got married to his childhood sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in 2009. Serves her well though.\"\"As far as that whole thing with Ken it was a shame that he went out and said the things that he did and did that, because I feel that a lot of it was a lie and it was mostly just kind of to help his book sales or whatever the case may be.Mickie James didn\u0027t take that well and according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter\u0027s Dave Meltzer was transferred from Raw to Smack Down later that year as she struggled to work around Cena.\r\n\"He was messing with MJ so I got moved to Smackdown so they could further mess. When MJ got crazy because he wouldn\u0027t date her, she then got fired. Metalik hits a moonsault to the outside on Kendrick as Dorado hits a moonsault to the outside on Gulak.Kenn Doane, formerly Kenny Dykstra and Kenny from the Spirit Squad, has continued dishing dirt via Twitter regarding John Cena and Mickie James' relationship years ago.

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