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Then again the pounding sound came from the room, meaning another fuck session had started. (He said laughingly) Me- You had made a deal- my mom for the debt. I can get a nice whore for all night just for 5000 Rs. On the bed I could only see her naked legs up to knee.

That made me realize that mom was getting filled with all sex she had missed in those years, also she was being filled with his cum too. At 8 am in the morning he came outside where I had fallen asleep on the sofa (couch) waiting for him to come out. Me- Then how long are you intending to continue this? I wanted to hurry inside and see the fate of my mom.

She was sleeping innocently with his semen inside her as her son negotiated how her body is to be used with this man. I was very curious about how my mom looked inside her room now. The bedroom door was half closed, and I pushed the door completely open. He had left my mom in such a condition that I was confused for a second whether I was looking at my own mom or some whore. The fresh cum was dripping on the bed sheet through her recently used vagina. I slept planning to do those things which I could not do last time. Once again the day had arrived where my mom would be warming her bed with someone else even without her knowledge nevertheless her permission. Mom was still in the same orange saree looking as sexy as before.

After few minutes of imaging what could be happening inside the room, the rhythmic screeching sound of the bed from mom’s room brought me to real world. Rajeev was pounding on mom, his moment was making the bed move- which was making that noise.

Since I didn’t know in what position exactly they were in, I imagined them in all sort of positions.

He had got 2 pills and told me to take just one since its strong. If you take two the sleep will be very deep and prolonged for at least 7 hours” he answered. And I thanked him, after having some snacks my mom prepared for him, he left with an ogle in his eyes towards mom. Her beautiful cleavage visible at times when she bent down to eat. After dinner we have the habit of drinking buttermilk, so when I went to kitchen to wash my hands, I didn’t want to risk any chances so I put both the pills in her drink and served it to mom. Meanwhile I had 30 minutes with my unconscious mom. I scanned at her whole body once, imagining how her tender body would be ravished in few moments by a beast. At the same time I glanced at her mounted ass, it looked like two hills one besides another. While I touched there was a jolt of thrill ran through my brain.

Mom was completely alien to the situation, she didn’t have a clue what was going on, her nephew just served her son sleeping tablets so that a stranger can spread her legs that night when she is asleep. After her dinner she drank it and we began to chat. I came back inside and went to her room to inspect her. I kept my hand on top her ass for few minutes and rubbed over her saree. I thought to myself that this ass was not used for decades, but its going to end tonight.

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