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India as a name first became popular after it was given to a character in Gone With The Wind, with actor Chris Hemsworth also naming his daughter called India.

The tot's middle name is Elizabeth, with the most famous Elizabeth being Her Majesty the Queen.

A source told The Sun’s Dan Wootton: “They’d been thinking of a name since meeting him and they felt it just suited him.” Liam revealed the couple have also given him the nickname Cub, as if Bear wasn't already cute enough.

Parents: Rochelle and Marvin Humes Baby’s birthday: March 10 What does her name mean?

Julia's mum's surname is Newcomb Stiles, so it can be assumed that she has paid tribute to her by making it her son's middle name.

It's not clear where ' Strummer' comes from, but we can only assume that his parents think he might be a musician one day.

Some people have suggested the name could be in tribute to the baby's grandads, while others think it's fitting given Beyonce and Jay Z's reputation as pop royalty.

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Parents: Jennifer Metcalfe and Greg Lake Baby's birthday: 20 June, 2017 What does his name mean?

Rumi means 'beautiful woman' in Bengali and 'beauty, flow, lapis lazuli' (an opaque stone symbolising wisdom and truth) in Japanese.

Sir, on the other hand, is the title for a British knight - while it's also a polite way to address a man of status.

Rumi is a Japanese girls' name, although it's perhaps most recognisable as the name of the famous male Persian poet.

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi is the most popular poet in the US - selling millions of copies of his books in recent years.

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