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Apple genuinely went above and beyond the call of duty, and we’re really thankful for their help. But, we’re still encountering sandboxing challenges. So, in the interest of finally getting Coda 2.5 out the door and in the hands of you, our very eager and patient customers, we’ve decided it’s time to move on—for now. We’ll of course do our best to do this transition correctly. i love MAS, i know sandboxing is for our safety but Apple should give devs solutions to make everything in a safe way.

We got extremely close and jumped over a lot of tricky hurdles thanks to them. In short: Coda 2.5 will not be sandboxed, and therefore will not be available in the Mac App Store. I hope you can release Coda 2.5 on the Mac App Store in the future.

Please note that this doesn’t mean Coda 2.5 was rejected by Apple, rather that we’re going ahead and proactively making this call since all Mac App Store apps are required to be sandboxed and Coda 2.5 will not be. “Apple genuinely went above and beyond the call of duty, and we’re really thankful for their help.

We never want to short-change our paying customers, so we’ve spent many months working on Panic Sync, our own super-easy, super-secure syncing solution that gives you power over your data. In fact, you’ll get critical updates faster than ever before. Hopefully, that’s a very minor inconvenience; we’ll make sure it downloads fast and easy. We will always evaluate the possibility of sandboxing with each future release of Coda. we’ve been posting sneak peeks of new features on Twitter. Even then I find it irksome when non-MAS versions of apps I’ve purchased have been updated, but it’s weeks later when the same updates hit MAS.

There is no reason why Coda can’t also do the same.

This just screams as a straw man issue to justify an exit from the App Store (not necessarily a bad thing, but just be honest about it).

Coda, to be fair, is a very complex developer tool and is something of a sandboxing worst-case scenario. Then, when Coda 2.5 is released, you’ll simply download Coda 2.5 directly from our website. Jon: Direct Coda has always had the capability to “unlock” with the presence of a Mac App Store copy of Coda.

Apple, to their considerable credit, spent a lot of energy assisting us with ideas, workarounds, and temporary exemptions we might be able to use to get around some of the issues. It’ll locate your installed Mac App Store copy, and it will unlock. This isn’t new and we’ve never been told that’s a problem?

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That move and now this move with Coda sets you folks amongst devs that care about their customers and try to keep 1 step ahead in making things easier. There are a number of apps that have accomplished working in the sandbox admirably and yet still function effectively.The direct-sales model has worked well for a long time for software vendors.I realize that some developers want to reach a wider audience or use MAS-specific features like i Cloud; however, I feel the negatives for both developers and consumers far outweigh the positives. While i don’t own Coda, i do own Transmit and the now defunct Candy Bar.We got extremely close and jumped over a lot of tricky hurdles thanks to them.” BUT, still you can’t get the App you want for your customers through their fingers and Sandboxing.I had to go over and buy Text Expander from Smiles Software for this exact reason, because they couldn’t deliver a update on the MAS that they wanted for the consumer. All of my favorite apps seem to be App Store or Sandboxing “worst case scenarios”. It also seems weird how so many apps are able to get exceptions…

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