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Though these bao may be small, they pack a powerful punch.

The lack of rice in the burrito works in Señor Sisig’s favor.When he questioned an employee about the registers, he was shocked to see her face which was covered in black paint. ' Then she turned around and I saw this white lady in blackface and I kind of froze," Harrold Leffall said.He then questioned another store employee about it.An East Bay man says he was offended by an employee's black painted face as a Halloween "costume" at a Staples store.Harrold Leffall stopped by the Staples in Pleasant Hill Friday to purchase a cash register.

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    Also, entire time blocks, primetime or later, are now devoted to shows directed solely at adults.

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    She became one of The Muppet Show's most popular characters, which was noted by Jim Henson during the development of Fraggle Rock.

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