Bill maher and arianna huffington dating

Here, in the Huffington Post’s West Coast bureau, an office resembling a college dorm room, four staffers keep tabs on the traffic.(The editorial office is in Manhattan.) Huffington jokes with them as she clicks on to 23/6, a new comedy site financed by Barry Diller’s IAC, in which the Huffington Post is a partner.

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Now she’s selling something much larger.”By setting up camp at the crossroads of old and new media, Hollywood and Washington, baby boomers and the Facebook generation, Huffington intends for the Huff Po to bridge the divides.Polished yet relaxed, her copper hair casually blown dry, not coiffed in the helmet of days gone by, Arianna Huffington dips into her blueberries and yogurt as if she has all the time in the world.We’re talking in her Italianate mansion in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, and though it’s a Sunday, she’s been up since 6 a.m., scouring the morning headlines; hiking with Norman Lear’s wife, Lyn; lunching with David Geffen; and correcting the galleys of her 12th book, due out in May, in which she pours scorn on her former political allies.“There’s no question that it’s harder to dismiss me or write a caricature now,” says Huffington, who has spent much of her life in the public gaze, and not without controversy.“I got phone calls all day long from television shows, radio shows and newspapers, and I thought, I’m taking the high road and not writing about this,” says Ephron.“That lasted until 5 p.m., when I got an e-mail from Arianna. By it was up on the site.”Huffington’s nose for the zeitgeist showed itself early.

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