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Four years ago, the Baltimore Running Festival lost its title sponsor, and along with it the cash purses that drew elite marathoners to the city’s signature foot race.

Gone were the aspirations that Baltimore’s hilly course might rise one day grow to rival Boston, Chicago or New York, but race...

In both races, Tropf had finished in under 2 hours, 30 minutes.The only one who did: a member of the first-place Falls Road Running marathon relay team. “I really appreciate you telling me that.”It had been a long road to the finish line.It was late in the race, and Tropf started to worry. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 2014, he enrolled at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, deferring his active-duty service obligations until next year.They overflowed the First Energy Park, stadium of the minor league Lakewood Blue Claws, he said. Chris was a devoted son, brother, and soul mate to fiancee Kelly and a proud member of the Lakewood Police Department.He was a man who enjoyed life and had the gift of laughter to share with fellow officers and friends.

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