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With this treaty, the allies ended Napoleon's rule as emperor of France and sent him into exile on Elba." /// "Napoleon's initial defeat [was] the short-lived peace proclaimed on 27 June 1814 when Napoleon was imprisoned on Elba.The peace was celebrated in Paris, but [King George IV] the Prince Regent [1762-1830] invited the allied sovereigns to continue their celebrations in England. June 1814 must have been the only time in Oxford's history when it hosted an emperor, a king, four future kings, a chancellor of the Austrian empire, two future and two past British prime ministers, many world-famous generals, and enough peers to burst the House of Lords...Stoodley Pike is a 1,300-foot (400 m) hill in the south Pennines, noted for the 121 foot Stoodley Pike Monument at its summit, which dominates the moors above Todmorden.Inscription above the entrance is worn & covered with lichen, but it is legible & reads: "Stoodley Pike.Most of the information presented below was obtained from the World Wide Web and is therefore incomplete, and many conferences have undoubtedly been omitted altogether.Since this is a website devoted to peace monuments, an extra effort was made to identify the halls in which the conferences took place and any plaques, museums, and other monuments which have been constructed to preserve the memory of these historic peace conferences.This is perhaps due to the fact that peace conferences, as a whole, did not live up to their own aspirations.See the following on-line sources of information: "Peace Congress," Wikipedia article.

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-- Aside from some of the halls in which peace conference took place (and three museums in Switzerland), very few monuments were created to perputuate the memory of peace conferences."Conference Tables in History" from Stoneline Designs Conference Table Blog. (1931), "The History of Peace: A Short Account of the Organized Movements for International Peace," G. Click here for monuments related to peace treaties. May 22, 1787 - Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade, London (England)."Monuments Related to World Federalism and/or World Goverment" on this web site. Also called Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade.| "Peace Congresses," by Walter George Smith in the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913). "An Exhibit of Photographs of Leaders & Supporters of the American Peace Society" from the Swarthmore College Peace Collection."Gustave Moynier and the peace societies" by Andr Durand, Intl. "A Century of Nobel Peace Laureates, 1901-2005: From Peace Movement to the United Nations" from League of Nations Archives & Indiana University. | Click here for individual peacemakers, including all Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

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