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However, the player who is not in zugzwang must play carefully because one inaccurate move can cause him to be put in zugzwang.

The diagram on the right shows a position of reciprocal zugzwang. Kd7 is forced, which loses because White will move 2. If White is to move the result is a draw as White must either stalemate Black with 1.

Studying positions of reciprocal zugzwang is in the analysis of endgames. The rook cannot leave the first , as that would allow 35...

In a position with reciprocal zugzwang, only the player to move is actually in zugzwang.

Paul Morphy is credited with composing the position illustrated "while still a young boy". Ra6, Black is in zugzwang and must allow mate on the next move with 1...bxa6 2.b7# or 1... In chess literature, most writers call positions of the second type zugzwang, and the third type reciprocal zugzwang or mutual zugzwang.

Some writers call the second type a squeeze and the third type zugzwang.

A draw by agreement was reached eleven moves later.

A special case of zugzwang is reciprocal zugzwang or mutual zugzwang, which is a position such that whoever is to move is in zugzwang.

White has a few pawn moves which do not lose material, but eventually he will have to move one of his pieces.

Kc6 or allow Black to An extreme type of reciprocal zugzwang, called trébuchet, is shown in the diagram. bxc3 6.bxc3, which just leaves Black with a serious positional advantage and an extra pawn.

It is also called a full-point mutual zugzwang because it will result in a loss for the player in zugzwang, resulting a full point for his opponent. Angos analyzes 1.a3 a5 2.axb4 axb4 3.h4 Kh8 (waiting) 4.b3 Kg8 and White has run out of waiting moves and must lose material. it is debatable whether the position is true zugzwang.

Normally in chess, having tempo is desirable because the player who is to move has the advantage of being able to choose a move that improves their situation.

Zugzwang typically occurs when "the player to move cannot do anything without making an important concession". Kd7 followed by queening the pawn on the next move. Black, on move, must allow White to play Kc5 or Ke5, when White wins one or more pawns and can advance his own pawn toward promotion.

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